We are in the midst of a major transition in how we do business worldwide. Working with employee engagement is essential in building a sustainable business into the future.

Disengagement has become a global epidemic according to surveys. Should you ask 100 individuals on the street about their level of engagement at work, 73 would say they do not care much at all. Eleven would even say they hate their job. Only 16 out of 100 would say that they feel engaged.

Low levels of engagement lead to employees considering leaving their jobs. A recent survey by Ennova shows that in Sweden more than 20 percent of employees want to leave within a year.

According to CEB/Gartner, organizations with the highest levels of engagement report financial outcomes that are three times higher than companies with the lowest levels. Today, investors care more about organizational culture than ever before. It is the number-one discussed talent issue on earnings calls, with mentions growing seven percent annually.

Management consultancy firm Bain & Co states the obvious: Energized, motivated people are more likely to put in the extra discretionary effort that can raise productivity and create superior experiences for customers, which in turn leads to better financial performance.

Companies have start to realize how much disengagement is costing them. But while the benefits of high engagement are clear, engagement remains a challenge for many.

Engagement as a business strategy
Those who are successfully breaking through traditional business models work with engagement as a business strategy.

Whether your company needs to raise engagement for a major shift in business strategy or needs to find a solution to inefficiencies and high levels of employee absence, King Street PR can offer tailored solutions to raise employee engagement.

We help our clients through group and individual training, analysis, strategy development and inspirational speeches for example
– Leadership training – employee communications, change communications, etc
– Change communication strategy development – strategy will not change your business, people will
– Internal communication strategy development
– Development of effective teams
– Employer branding strategy
– Employee surveys – analysis and project management

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