Successful brands create an emotional connection and speak to the heart as much as the mind. Through intelligent structure and direction, branding precedes as well as underlies any marketing effort.

Positioning is based on consumers’ perception of a brand or product in relation to competitors. Therefore, we carry out analyses of our clients’ business landscape and aspirations. We evaluate our clients’ brand and that of their competitors, to find which associations our client needs to conquer, reinforce or defend on the market to drive sales. We draft positioning statements, compare and contrast messaging strategies and channels, carry out competitor analyses and determine current positions. This market analysis underpins all other communications efforts.

We then work with our client to define their brand’s purpose, values and personality to help resonate with their desired audiences.

Ultimately, we develop a positioning idea and a suggested marketing mix that is strategically led to deliver measurable results focused on ROI.


We help companies increase their business through effective sales, satisfied customers, a valuable brand and engaged employees.
Our promise is to never take short cuts and always deliver top results. We work hard to be the best choice for our clients