Employees are your organization’s most effective ambassadors. If your people live the brand and values, you have a tangible competitive advantage.

The channels for internal communications changes depending on how you are organized and what your core business is. Nevertheless, your internal communications are your core tool for creating engagement, motivating colleagues and creating a corporate culture.

During times of change, employee engagement is particularly important, and it is during those times the internal communications becomes even more important. To establish and build structures is one of our core business’.

Several of our consultants have worked many years in different communications positions within various companies and know how an everyday look like. Our competence ranges all the way from Communications Officer to Head of communications. Working with leaders in communicative leadership to changing IT platforms (CMSs) for an intranet.

How do you work with internal communications? What is your challenges? Do you know how many that reads the intranet daily? Are your leaders good at communicating?


We help companies increase their business through effective sales, satisfied customers, a valuable brand and engaged employees.
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