Most companies want to, and sometimes need to, deal with the media. Regardless if the initiative comes from the company or the journalist, it is vital to make the best of the situation: either seize the opportunity and create great value or handle the interview to minimise the damage.

Very few can do this without training.

At King Street we have considerable experience from media relations.
Many of our consultants have worked either as journalists or as Head of Communication. We have ourselves been both interviewed and conducted interviews, in printed media as well as in radio and TV.

In our view, it is crucial for spokespersons and companies to understand how the media works and thinks, as well as what constitutes a long-lasting relationship with journalists. We often help companies identify their role on the market and in society from an “outside-in” perspective; the same perspective that media often have to them.

We like sharing this experience with CEOs, Communications Managers, Press Managers and other spokespersons. Based on your unique role, we tailor these trainings to suit your need. It can be a general media training to increase confidence, or we can dive into specific topics to simulate real situations. Focus is always on practical interviews, but also on discussing the media’s way of working and your personal ambition and role as a spokesperson.

For spokespersons who want to improve their media footprint in a structured way, we offer a six- level training program:
1. The media landscape, how journalists think, what makes the news
2. The interview, tips and tricks
3. Practical interview training
4. Rhetorical tools and how to master the interview
5. TV and live debates
6. How to handle the critical interview and crisis


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