Public Relations

At King Street, we choose to work with PR with the competencies and wide perspectives it deserves – because what we are talking about is your relations with the public.

Our goal is to shape our clients’ communications to increase awareness, visibility and credibility. We do this not because it is fun to been seen in media (even though it can be), but because companies need to have healthy relations with all relevant target groups to increase profitability and growth.

The way we achieve those overarching goals can be to find and reach new target groups or to re-connect with lost ones, to increase visibility in media, to improve the quality of content in social media or to find new strategies that reaches people you have not been able to engage with before.

We do it by a multi-channel perspective using whatever is the most cost-efficient way of achieving the goals; often ending up in a mix between earned media, social media and campaigns. But it can also be about engaging with stakeholders in meeting and seminars, as well as producing podcasts and engaging video content and campaigns.

Without healthy and engaged relations with customers, the market, stakeholders and the media, long term profitability and an improving market position is difficult. We can help you build and improve your public relations.


We help companies increase their business through effective sales, satisfied customers, a valuable brand and engaged employees.
Our promise is to never take short cuts and always deliver top results. We work hard to be the best choice for our clients