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Founded in 2014, King Street PR is a Scandinavia-based independent communications agency specialized in strategic communications. Sprung from the idea of business-driven communication, we are a Nordic consultancy specialized in helping clients grow and build sustainable market positions. Based in Stockholm and Copenhagen, our competence ranges across the Nordic markets.


Communication needs to be handled strategically as part of the business strategy to enhance business performance. We base our communications strategies on intelligent analysis, creativity and excellent execution. We focus on delivering measurable results to clients, as it is essential to set goals and deliver real outcome and return on investment.
From support on a specific business objective to an integrated strategy, we deliver a real commercial advantage for our clients.


Our expertise extends over a wide range of business sectors. We adopt a channel-neutral perspective, set up clear goals, and work to ensure that communication actively promotes your business interests. King Street PR is active across the entire spectrum of public and private enterprise, with specialist competence in fields as diverse as IT, the food industry, finance, infrastructure, issues relating to construction and the environment and healthcare/life science.


With every client, our selected team provides the highest level of media intelligence, insight and analysis.


Successful brands create an emotional connection and speak to the heart as much as the mind. Through intelligent structure and direction, branding precedes as well as underlies any marketing effort. We help our clients resonate with their desired audiences.


We help our clients identify and launch new business opportunities. Our process revolves around having a systematic approach to market insight investigations and market positioning. From small start-ups to large listed companies, our clients benefit from our strategic analysis and intelligent implementation.


We have extensive experience in crisis communication, and can help expand your in-house capacity during a crisis. Never has a company’s trustworthiness and reputation been as fragile as it is today, and we help our clients prepare for their worst-case scenario. Calling on a strict crisis protocol, we develop scenario planning, conduct media training, deliver 24/7 crisis support and implement stakeholder mapping and engagement. In a crisis, we keep you on track.


In the complex environments in which today’s companies exist, clear strategic financial communication and good networks are two of the cornerstones for business success. We help you build and maintain contacts with all your stakeholders, such as owners, investors, analysts, customers, authorities and the financial media.


Employees are your organization’s most effective ambassadors. If your people live the brand and values, you have a tangible competitive advantage. During times of change, employee engagement is particularly important. We help you create a corporate culture that motivates your team.


We help shape our clients’ communications to increase awareness, visibility and credibility. We engage with stakeholders across multiple channels and build your brand through strategic coverage. From establishing communications objectives to executing campaigns, we enhance your brand and deliver commercial success.


We provide Public Affairs through Rud Pedersen:


About Brooklyn
Jesper Brandt

Jesper Brandt

CEO and Partner
+46 (0)70 092 72 03

Jesper has many years’ experience from both the media world and business. He worked for fourteen years as a reporter, producer and news manager before concluding his journalistic career with the Finnish public service broadcaster, YLE, as a news correspondent covering events in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

Over the past ten years Jesper has continued to maintain his business connections with Finland through his involvement as a director of several companies in a family-owned industrial group with production operations in Finland, Estonia and China. This work has included overseeing expansion, change processes and corporate restructuring. Jesper has also worked as senior consultant for Spotlight PR and as an independent consultant engaged in assignments for both the private and public sectors.

Christer Lundin

Christer Lundin

Partner and Senior Consultant
+46 (0) 70 744 44 81

Christer Lundin’s CV includes positions as communications director, marketing manager and senior adviser. His experience from a number of different companies that have undergone major changes has given him extensive experience both of using corporate communications to reinforce a company’s market position and of communication strategies relating to change and crisis.
Christer also has extensive experience in media relations and the use of digital communication channels as a central pillar in overall corporate communication work.

Monica Berling

Monica Berling

Senior Consultant
+46 (0) 760 44 68 94

Monica Berling is Senior Consultant and has many years’ experience in communications specializing in PR, advocacy as well as corporate and internal communications. For the past ten years she has held various positions as communications manager within retail, the private school sector and within employee and employers’ organization.

Previously, Monica has also worked for seven years as a senior consultant for Cohn & Wolfe PR agency engaged in assignments for clients in the IT and technical sectors. She has a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Uppsala.

Magnus Wallin

Magnus Wallin

Senior Consultant
+46 (0) 70 428 33 59

Magnus Wallin has over ten years experience of providing corporate advice on communication. Magnus has held leadership positions covering innovation and development, most recently as Chief Innovation Officer at Spotlight PR. Magnus has also experience from such diverse industries as telecoms, digital entertainment, streaming services, gaming, FMCG, the travel industry and online gambling.

A media industry veteran, Magnus has long worked with developing communications as a means of creating business advantage, where business understanding and creativity are important components of delivering value.

Susanna Jertel

Susanna Jertel

+46 (0) 70 723 18 32

Susanna Jertel has experience of communication and politics from employers’ organisations, think tanks and other PR assignments. She has created and led successful communication projects focused on targeted audiences and written a multitude of published articles on business subjects.
Susanna is an avid user of digital communication channels and is experienced in media relations. She has also worked with municipalities and businesses on issues ranging from the labour market, infrastructure, and business climate. Susanna studied in Lund, Zürich (BA) and London (MA) within the fields of economics, political science, law, PR & Communication, public affairs and English. She is also a member of the Sture alumni, Swedish think tank Timbro’s academy of analysis, writing, debating and media training.

Adam Györki

Adam Györki

+46 (0) 70 142 23 66

Adam Györki built up a great deal of experience working with start-ups, developing their digital strategy platforms, before becoming a PR consultant. Prior to joining King Street PR, Adam was a consultant with Grayling. His résumé includes working with Swedish and global clients in finance and banking, tech and other start-ups, telecom, FMCG, tourism and the energy sector.

Jenny Chen

Jenny Chen


Jenny is an intern at King Street PR and is currently studying Strategic Communication at Lund University. The bachelor programme treats a wide range of fields within communication; among them public relations, public affairs, marketing and economy.

Aside from education, Jenny has lead a marketing project with focus on social media communication. She is also experienced in recruitment and sales within banking. Jenny enjoys the digital world and is passionate about writing and creating.


Morten Lintrup

Managing Director, Denmark
+ 45 27 14 41 97

Morten is a communications consultant and has spent the past 15 years working with everything from the defence industry and the food sector to energy, telecommunications companies and pharmaceuticals. Morten has worked in two of the country’s largest PR agencies and has also been self-employed for several years. From his work with both start-ups and international corporations, Morten has extensive experience with strategic communication and all its sub-disciplines – from consulting and strategy to crisis management and press relations. Morten has worked with several major pharmaceutical companies with both launches, corporate narratives and external press relations.

Morten has a Master’s Degree in Communication from Roskilde University.

Sten Kristensen

Sten Kristensen

Partner & Senior Consultant, Denmark
+ 45 42 49 33 13

As King Street PR’s resident media trainer, Sten has extensive experience with tasks related to media and message training as well as crisis management.

Sten has worked as a political journalist, as well as been a media- press and communications advisor to a number of private companies, government agencies and organizations including one of Denmark’s largest patient associations. He has furthermore worked as the head of press for the Social Democrats and has been a special advisor to former Minister of Finance, Bjarne Corydon.

Sten holds a degree in journalism and has a large network of journalists, politicians and public officials.


Camilla Gudman Dam

Consultant, Denmark
+ 45 20 84 43 21

Camilla has worked with strategic communication and PR for a number of international and Danish companies in a variety of sectors – from food and energy to defense and telecommunications. She has experience with a wide range of communications disciplines from media relations and media training to communications strategy and content creation.

Camilla has studied within the fields of strategic communications, journalism and digital communications. She has a Master’s Degree in Rhetoric from the University of Copenhagen, where she also holds a position as external lecturer, teaching courses in writing and communications consulting.


Frej Elbæk Schjeldal

Associated Partner, Denmark
+ 45 30 91 72 01

For the past 10 years, Frej has helped to strengthen the communication for a number of organizations and companies. He has also been in charge of communication for some of the biggest events in Denmark. Frej has previously worked as a creative strategist for one of the largest PR agencies and has furthermore been self-employed for several years.

Frej has extensive experience with strategic communications as well as digital strategy and involvement. Frej is also one of the country’s most experienced communicators when it comes to creating debates, set agendas and run events during Folkemødet.